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Shannon Sterling’s first wholesale business on St John in the U.S. Virgin Islands was launched in 1982 and blossomed into Moon Mosaic. Throughout the years Shannon has added many original designs of island jewelry to her collection, including her original design of this St John Island Hook Bracelet. As an established wholesale purveyor, she offers a wide variety of jewelry to fine retail shops located in the British and U.S. Virgin Islands. Each of her pieces is made by hand.

Bracelet care tips

Silver is a soft metal and can be damaged, darkened, and pitted by harsh chemicals, especially chlorine. The bracelets should not be worn in pools or hot tubs. The bracelets can be worn in the ocean. They enjoy a freshwater shower with a little gentle shampoo bath afterward. They can be wiped with any soft no-nap cloth for light cleaning.

Liquid “jewelry cleaner” dips should never be used on silver, pearls, or soft stones such as opals. Use a premium brand silver polishing cream or foam like Haggerty or Wright’s or a jewelry polishing cloth for a special cleaning and shine. Creams also leave a protective coat on the silver.

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