Custom fit and choosing a size

Custom Fit and Sizing Information

We have 9 basic sizes of the Island Hook Bracelet, each available with your choice of either the Sterling Silver or Gold Tone Brass wire wrap. To choose the correct size, take a snug measurement of the wrist around the bone and add another 1/4″. If you do not find your size here or are in doubt, please contact us with the actual wrist measurement and we will select an individual custom fit for you.

After ordering your correct size, cut a strip of paper or string (anything will do) and use it to take a snug measurement of the wrist around the bone. Mark the strip and lay it flat against a ruler to find your exact measurement. Please inform us of that exact measurement without the added 1/4″ and we can choose a custom fit bracelet for you within the size you ordered. You can email the exact measurement or use the “Note Box” on your checkout page.

moon Mosaic Heart

by Moon Mosaic, St John US Virgin Islands

Custom Fit